GMing at Ice & Dice

GMs may now submit games to run at the con!

All games are welcome but our convention wishes to highlight:

  • indie games
  • small press games
  • 3rd party RPG material
  • games in development

Games that fit these categories will be posted in our first wave of events.

In recognition of the contribution GM’s bring to the convention, GM Badges will be discounted to $15. For  those of you who are willing to run 11 or more hours of games, your GM Badge will be free!

In order to get started, simply submit your game here!

In the next week, we will put out details on exactly how to go about getting the discounted GM Badge. We will also reach out to anyone who has already submitted events at that time.

Time slots are available in 2, 3, 4 , and 6 hours. If you need a longer time block or wish to run a late night game, please reach out to

Please submit your games soon to increase the likelihood your event can be scheduled at your preferred time! In order for your event to be posted before event registration, please submit by Dec 15th. No events will be accepted later than January 13th.

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