About Ice & Dice

Every year Ice & Dice will be focusing on indie games and third-party publishers (3PP) as well as a unique focus for that year.  We believe that new games that are still in the process of making their mark on the tabletop gaming hobby are just as important as old favorites. The goal of our dual focus is to bring together the creative energy of smaller game developers with the love we have for our favorite established games.

2023 is the first year we’re using the dual focus format and we hope you’re as excited as we are. So what does Dark Reunion mean? Well, we have been able to gather more than a dozen writers and artists who worked on the five original RPG systems for the World of Darkness. This will be the first time all of these individuals will be together at a North American convention in 20 years. These content creators will be participating in panels, games, and other events to bring you a unique and exciting experience.

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