Ice and Dice

The convention is postponed to 2023, but not our spirit! Check back soon for upcoming Games Days and other activities as we gear up for our convention in January 2023.

Ice & Dice 2022 has been postponed to January 2023.

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Hello everyone,

Thank you again for your continued support of Ice & Dice Gaming Convention. As promised, we have more information for you regarding our special VIP guest attendance in 2023, as well as more information about how pledges and purchases on Kickstarter, Backerkit, and Tabletop.Events will be handled. 

We have reached out to our special guests and vendors, and many have already responded that they are excited to join us in 2023 and run their events as scheduled. We hope to announce more confirmed guests as we hear back from the remaining invited guests. 

Our goal for this update is to provide more information on how Kickstarter, Backerkit, and Tabletop.Events pledges towards the 2022 Ice & Dice Gaming Convention. Badges purchased towards the convention will be automatically rolled over and applied to the 2023 Ice & Dice Gaming Convention. Alternatively, badges and pledges towards the convention may also be donated towards the 2023 convention. Backers who donate their badges or pledges will still receive their digital rewards but will not receive badges. The final option is for backers to request refunds.

We will be sending out an email tonight with the survey linked below about the 2023 convention. Please respond to it as it both helps us understand how you are feeling about the 2023 convention and is the method for requesting a refund. If you request a refund, it will be processed within 5 business days of submitting the survey. Please understand that crowdsourcing fees are not refundable.

Backer 2023 Convention Intention Survey

Requests for refunds can be submitted until January 14th, one week before the original date of the convention. For those who backed one of the VIP game tiers, we have every reason to expect that the games will go off as planned in 2023, but if for some reason the GM has to back out, you will have a chance to request a refund at that time as well.

For anything on Backerkit, there is actually no need to request a refund. We have intentionally left the Backer kit unlocked so that anyone who wishes can go back into Backerkit and remove any purchases they made. Or you could purchase something else if you still want to help us out! The Backerkit will be locked and any purchases will be charged to credit cards after refund submissions close on January 14th.

A couple notes on refunds:

  • Refunds can be submitted up to January 14th
  • Please supply the same email address that you used to purchase/back us so we can correctly issue refunds.
  • If you make a dispute with your credit card company regarding the transaction, we will be unable to issue any kind of refund until that is resolved.

I wanted to emphasize how much we appreciate the love and support we’ve received from our community. As a token of our appreciation, we will be providing the digital stretch goals from our Kickstarter goals to all backers, regardless of refund status. Convention-exclusive dice and miniatures will also be provided to backers who attend one of our game day events in Cincinnati. We very much look forward to seeing you all in 2023!

If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at


Ice & Dice is a weekend of third-party publishers (3PP), Indie, and small press tabletop gaming. The schedule features RPGs, board games, card games, video game demos, panels, workshops and more.

Our Kickstarter was successful! Thanks to everyone who backed us!

Badges on sale now - CLICK HERE!

Event Submissions are open NOW!
Pre-registered badges on Tabletop Events are priced as follows:
  • $40/standard weekend badge
  • $80/VIP weekend badge
  • $130/VIP weekend badge plus Saturday Night Dinner with the Special Guests
    (VIP Badge $80 + $50 Dinner)
All game and panel events are included in one ticket price.
  • Hotel Discounted Rooms are $89/night.
  • Call the hotel at 1-513-752-4400
  • The Room Block code is: ICE
Location of venue:
Eastgate Holiday Inn Suites
4501 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45245

Every year Ice & Dice will be focusing on indie games and third-party publishers (3PP) as well as a unique focus for that year.  We believe that new games that are still in the process of making their mark on the tabletop gaming hobby are just as important as old favorites. The goal of our dual focus is to bring together the creative energy of smaller game developers with the love we have for our favorite established games.

2022 is the first year we're using the dual focus format and we hope you're as excited as we are. So what does Dark Reunion mean? Well, we have been able to gather more than a dozen writers and artists who worked on the five original RPG systems for the World of Darkness. This will be the first time all of these individuals will be together at a North American convention in 20 years. These content creators will be participating in panels, games, and other events to bring you a unique and exciting experience:

The Dark Reunion